Monday, February 15, 2010

LIVE: Phoenix Health & Healing

Innovative research, celebrated treatment facilities, med schools and more

HEAL Historically, the arid and temperate winter climate lured people out West in search of clear lungs and easy breathing. Over time, the range options for repairing the body, diagnosing complex conditions and pushing the horizon of biomedical research has evolved considerably in Metro PHX.

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PLAY: Phoenix Art Scene

Patrons, Pedestrians and Producers Welcome

Art Scene The art scene in metro Phoenix is more diverse and eclectic than most anticipate before exploring here.

The typical expectation is for cowboy art and not much else. We have our share of cowboy themes and some galleries do specialize in Native American or wild west texture. Others, however, cover the range of tastes from high-caliber, internationally renowned artists to indie, emerging visionaries and crafters.

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WORK: Connecting in Phoenix

Networking groups, multicultural hubs, innovative/entrepreneurial scenes
CONNECT As one of the largest metropolitan cultures in the U.S., PHX has more than its fair share of unique networking and community-building opportunities. From cozy, close-knit and highly specialized meet-ups to major events with featured speakers and hundreds in attendance, the variety is abundant.

We've selected the best of the best to highlight here; any of these resources are an excellent place to begin making valuable connections. But don't limit yourself to this list. As you begin to mix and mingle, ask Phoenicians about other groups and gatherings they regularly attend.

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Get to Know PHX Neighborhoods

two dozen distinct towns and a multitude of neighborhoods

Get to Know PHX Neighborhoods Metro PHX is an eclectic mosaic of towns and neighborhoods covering a breathtaking expanse of the Sonoran Desert. Within the region, we have the largest municipal park in the world; by itself, the park covers acreage greater than the city of Manhattan. And that is just a portion of Metropolitan PHX.

Getting the lay of the land and choosing where to live can be exciting and challenging for newcomers. A resident may tell you she lives in Arcadia, calls herself a Phoenician and graduated from a Scottsdale school. How do you sort out Phoenix Neighborhoods?

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Explore Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix, Arizona has a multitude of opportunities available to people with numerous interests! Not only is Phoenix the 5th largest city in the United States, it also is the largest state capital by population and the 2nd largest city in the West!